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 The #1 solution for proper ambulatory medical orders.

 Eliminate inappropriate orders and maximize reimbursements every time.

iOrder provides a communication conduit for everyone involved in the ambulatory medical order process – in and outside of your network.

iOrder Medical Order Management

Roughly 80% of all serious medical errors involve miscommunication during care transitions to different care settings.


Complete Order Transparency

Get updates on order changes via email, text, or in the UI.  See all cancelled orders and reasons.  Get final results back through the iOrder interface.


Validates All Ambulatory Orders

Intuitive, fast orders for Labs, Radiology, Rehabilitation, Sleep Center, CP Testing, CP Rehab, Dietary, and EEG Services


Always On, Every Device Enabled

iOrder is a web-portal that can be securely accessed from any internet-enabled desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.  Hosted in the cloud or installed in your infrastructure.


Supports Digital Front Door Initiatives

Patient communications that include exam pre-requisites and order stoppage issues.  Notifies patients of important exam info straight to mobile devices.


Integrated Clinical Decision Support

Order the most appropriate exam the first time with integrated clinical decision support to maximize reimbursements and speed patient throughput.


Prevent Revenue Leakage

Drive your hospital’s revenue cycle from front-end order management.  Built-in coding and billing assistance.


Eliminates Faxing

iOrder eliminates lost orders. No faxing, no phone calls which can require long on-hold time.

How iOrder Works

STEP 1 – Providers place orders via portal

no faxing or EHR limitations. 

STEP 2 – Orders are validated in iOrder

and distributed to exam facility for fulfillment. 

STEP 3 – Providers are notified of results

with full visibility to order process and outcomes.

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What Others Are Saying

"Now we have complete orders."

We were having a lot of patients showing up that weren’t being prepped correctly.

iOrder has cut down on that almost 100%.

iOrder has taken care of that.

– Lisa S.

Director of Radiology Services

"Everyone is very knowledgeable."


– Jeffrey T.

Facility IT Manager

"I wish more vendors were as supportive as iPro."

The team always reaches out when updates are needed and they take care of installing them promptly.

 – Vance R.

Hospital IT Director

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