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Proper Ambulatory Orders with a Single Conduit

An unacceptable number of exams are rescheduled every year due to inappropriate patient preparation, orders being poorly communicated, or orders simply being lost. iOrder resolves these issues.

  • On average, 25 – 50% of ordering physicians don’t know whether their patients actually see the specialist.
  • 3 out of every 10 tests have to be reordered because the original test results cannot be found.
  • Only 54% of faxed referrals actually result in scheduled appointments with the specialist.
  • Roughly 80% of all serious medical errors involve miscommunication during care transitions to different care settings.
  • 20% of all malpractice claims involve missed or delayed diagnoses due to deficits in hand-offs between providers.

iOrder delivers the knowledge of the hospital to the initial point of patient care with the referring doctor so an appropriate exam is always ordered.

Prevent Revenue Leakage

Realize greater efficiencies and cost reductions throughout the entire revenue cycle, from the front end all the way to final account reconciliation. Prevent revenue leakage.

Integrated Clinical Decision Support

Order the most appropriate exam the first time with integrated clinical decision support to maximize reimbursements and speed patient throughput.

Grow Your Referral Network

Give referring physicians this powerful ordering tool. Minimize mistakes, misunderstandings, lost information, and time-consuming lack of accountable transparency that plague most scheduling systems.

Always On, Every Device Enabled

iOrder is a web-portal that can be installed on the hospital’s IT infrastructure or hosted in the cloud. And iOrder can be securely accessed from any internet-enabled PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

iOrder Benefits

  • A single, simple, secure conduit for all order requests
  • Grow and retain all your referring physician business 
  • Drive your hospital’s revenue cycle from front end order management 
  • Maximize reimbursements, eliminate coding errors 
  • Help your referring physicians select the right order choice with Integrated Clinical Decision Support 
  • Order results directly routed to referring physician’s EMR 
  • iOrder is interoperable with any referring physician’s EHR without double entry. Add referring physicians’ access at little or no cost
  • CP Testing, CP Rehab, Dietary, EEG Services, Labs, Radiology, Rehabilitation, and Sleep Center orders currently supported
  • No HL7
  • Hospitals can improve patient satisfaction – a key metric for reimbursement under MACRA – with iOrder’s integrated patient instructions and text/email appointment notifications

“We were having a lot of patients showing up that weren’t being prepped correctly. iOrder has cut down on that almost 100%. Our referring physicians would call and schedule with us but then it would take days before they would send us an order. Orders wouldn’t get faxed to us. The orders were incomplete. We would call and go back and forth to get what we needed. Now we have complete orders. iOrder has taken care of that.”

– Lisa S., Director or Radiology Services

Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Order Management

In today’s competitive healthcare market, it is imperative for hospitals to pursue and develop every revenue generating opportunity. In order to survive, it is vital for healthcare organizations to offer quality care services, to make smart choices on expense reduction, and to improve in operational efficiency.

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