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Quantifying the Importance of Ambulatory Order Visibility

National Association of Healthcare Revenue Integrity

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Denny Phillips, President, iPro Healthcare

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Revenue Cycle

Critical Risk Factors in Healthcare Software Implementation

A great healthcare experience depends on 3 things: expertise, availability, and workflow. A lean healthcare environment creates value and cuts waste. Implementing the right software solutions accomplishes these goals enterprise-wide, by improving expertise, availability, and workflow. Use this guide to help you properly plan, select, and implement a new software environment for your facility.

Order Management Hospital Revenue Cycle

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Order Management in the Hospital Revenue Cycle

In today’s competitive healthcare market, it is imperative for hospitals to pursue and develop every revenue generating opportunity. In order to survive, it is vital for healthcare organizations to offer quality care services, to make smart choices on expense reduction, and to improve in operational efficiency.

Download this whitepaper to learn more of orchestrating profits.

Revenue Leakage Ambulatory Order Management

Fix the Leak with Ambulatory Order Management

Today’s healthcare organization requires constant planning and evaluation to successfully capture revenue and ensure profitability. The factors contributing to a healthy revenue cycle are both intricate and complex.

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Revenue Cycle

Revenue Cycle

Hospitals that rely upon all the features and functionality of iOrder at the front end of their revenue cycle will realize greater efficiencies and cost reductions throughout the entire cycle all the way to final account reconciliation.

Physicians Collaborative Workflow

Physicians Collaborative Workflow

Collaborative workflow is essential to providing higher-quality healthcare at a lower cost.  It minimizes the mistakes, lost information, and lack of transparency that plague most scheduling systems.

Population Health Management

Population Health Management

Government policy and competitive business reality are driving a fundamental change in healthcare from volume-based to outcome-based methodologies affecting reimbursements.

Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decicion Support

 iOrder integrates with CareSelect to make the American College of Radiology’s Appropriateness Criteria available to your providers so that the most appropriate order is requested the first time.  G-codes are provided to comply with the PAMA mandate.

Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use

iOrder provides a single portal for all your facility’s electronic orders. This not only brings about consistency and better communication regarding order requests and orders but iOrder can assist you with meeting aspects of Stage 2 Meaningful Use.

iOrder in a Nutshell

iOrder in a Nutshell

Unmatch integration and workflow transparency. Pre-existing relationships with over 40 popular EHR solution providers. Orders requested are placed directly into the hospital’s HIS.  

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Maintaining Healthcare Compliance in 2021 (and Beyond)

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Cyber Attacks in a Pandemic: How Hospitals Can Remain Vigilant

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Why Hospital Command Centers Need Cutting-Edge Innovation

Compared to other industries, healthcare tends to innovate at a snail's pace. In fact, a 2017 study found that the healthcare industry tended to be about a decade behind other industries in customer engagement technology adoption. However, in the past few years a new...

The Importance of Ambulatory Order Visibility

(Last updated: 10/02/20) Certain illnesses, like high blood pressure, are sometimes called “silent killers.” They don’t have visible symptoms, but they threaten a patient’s health. The delivery of healthcare has its own silent killers, so to speak—difficulties in the...

How to Manage Pandemic-Related Physician Stress and Burnout

Physician stress and burnout was already a major problem prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, 92% of clinicians in a recent survey have called it a public health crisis. With physician stress and burnout being such a dire problem even in normal times, how much...

8 Key Components of a Digital Front Door

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How Hospitals Can Thrive During COVID-19: 7 Keys

We previously discussed how hospitals are handling the coronavirus pandemic. We looked at measures hospitals can take to protect employees and stop the virus from spreading by isolating patients. We also discussed how hospitals can navigate the new normal COVID-19 has...

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