Driving gains in imaging center profitability and referrals.

The Right Way to Handle Imaging Orders
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A single, simple, secure conduit for all order requests

iOrder provides a simple, unified order management system for your imaging center and its referring physicians. It enables your center to increase its profitability through increased referrals and greater operating efficiency:

  • Maximize reimbursements
  • Reduce coding errors
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Cut administrative overhead by tracking service orders more accurately and efficiently
  • Route order results directly to the referring physician’s EMR. iOrder connects with any referring physician’s EMR—no double entry required.

Imaging Order Management Software

iOrder software enables your people to manage imaging service orders using a browser interface. The referring physician places the imaging order through the system.

Increased Equipment ROI

Avoid the costs of idle imaging equipment by closely tracking service orders with referring physicians – a process that reduces “no shows.”

Stronger Referral Relationships

Build confidence among referring physicians that their patients will get the best service. Automatically notify referrers that imaging services have been rendered.

Reduced Imaging Center Overhead

Manage imaging orders in less time, cutting down on back-and-forth emails, phone calls and faxes. Patients are automatically reminded of any needed prep.


More Productive Billing

Leverage embedded qCDSM decision support to ensure that imaging service orders meet billing criteria – reducing denials of payment and billing reviews by payers.

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